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Frequently Asked Questions

What is legal-talk?
Legal-talk is an Artificial Intelligence based technology enabled system which helps your real-time talk with a legal expert based on your needs and inputs given by you.
What are LK Minutes or LKM?
These are prepaid minutes you need to buy from website before you can start talking to a legal expert any time any where.
How can I use Legal- Talk?
Legal–Talk is very simple three step process, chose your problem type, fill in basic details like name number, recharge your LK Minutes and Talk to a legal expert right away. If you already have an account then just click call now and you can talk to the legal expert.
How should I know that I need to talk to a Legal Expert?
If there are matters which are troubling you in your daily life and you are not sure that who is the right person to talk about it, if you want to know about any legal solution available for your matter? If you want to know your legal rights in any situation it is recommended to speak to a Legal expert on Legal-Talk with complete trust and confidentiality.
What all I can ask in Legal-Talk?
Asking at Legal –Talk is like discussing with your legalexpert friend; feel free to ask any of your problem, describe it in detail, share the fact of the matter and our experts will listen with complete attention and will be able to share with you best possible solutions available for you. Rest assured that your details and all the discussions are completely secure and confidential.
How consultation with a Legal Expert is beneficial for me?
When you are not sure about the problem and also not sure what kind of legal matter it is you have and what are the options available then a quick consultation with a Legal Expert helps. Our Legal Expert will listen to you, understand your problem and give you the best advice for all your questions right now. Share your problems and ask as many questions you have, without any hesitation.
It will also save a lot of your time and money and will give you instant clarity on your legal issue. Our Legal Experts are Online always and ready to discuss your problem anytime.
How authentic will the Legal discussion be?
The discussion with our experts will be based on the facts of the matter you share with them. Our legal Experts are verified legal practitioners and hands on with Indian laws and regulations. Without any hesitation, share your problem and get honest, neutral and authentic advice.
Will the discussion on Legal-Talk help me take better decisions?
Yes! Definitely, discussion by our Legal experts will help you take better decisions and get a faster closure of your problem. The Legal problem that we may have needs proper identification and evaluation to assess the right legal solution to resolve them. 20,000+ people have relied on LegalKart's Legal Expert Consultation service and benefited.
How much time does it take for a proper legal consultation?
Based on our experience and past data, we have observed an average legal consultation takes 8-10 minutes. Our Experts have been trained to be very efficient with their analysis during a telephonic consultation. They will ask you the right questions and provide you precise guidance.
What happens to the un-utilized minutes in my account?
Your untilized minutes remain in your account balance upto a maximum of 180 days from the last recharge date, after which it expires. If you have enough minutes left in your account, you can utilise them for another consultation or Recharge your account and the extra minutes purchased get added to the account balance. The new minute balance remains active in your account for 180 days from the last recharge.
How long are the LKM (LK minutes) valid?
Any minute pack you buy will remain valid for 180 days from the last purchase/recharge date.

What our users say

It is with great pleasure that I write this recommendation for LegalKart. I am breathing a sigh of relief now as I have got my property back after a two year struggle. I had very limited options which felt like I was being extorted to pay a high settlement amount. I needed the right guidance on the case, that’s when a friend of mine recommended me to speak to a LegalKart Property Expert 👍🏻 👍🏻

- S Anand, Bangalore

I had put my entire life’s hard earned savings in buying a house. It was a under-construction property and I was assured possession in 6 months. Even after 2 years, I didn’t get possession and the builder was not responding to my emails. After speaking to a LegalKart Property Expert, I got the right guidance and I was able to get my money back from the Builder.

- P Kumar, Delhi


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LK Money Back Guarantee LegalKart LK Money Back Guarantee

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100% Safe & Secure

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