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What is a Property report?

A comprehensive, reliable and expert evaluation of your property documents.  Highly skilled and experienced lawyers meticulously review each and every aspect of your property papers to ensure that you have the necessary information to make informed decisions. Whether you are buying, selling, leasing or simply reviewing your assets, the Property Report provides you with an in-depth understanding of your property's legal status, rights and obligations. With this detailed analysis, you can be confident that you are making the right choices, avoiding potential pitfalls and protecting your interests. The Property Report is your one-stop solution for all your property-related legal concerns. Get your Property Report today and take the first step towards a secure and hassle-free property transaction.

How it works?

Property document collection

Property document collection

All the property papers can be uploaded or hard copies can be collected. 

Review & Analysis

Review & Analysis

Senior Property Lawyer will analyse & prepare detailed report. 

Detailed consultation

Detailed consultation

Your consultation call with Senior property lawyer to discuss your property report. 



Your detailed property verification report will be delivered in 5 days. 

Why property report?

When you decide to purchase a house or land, you need to make sure that real estate is free from any defects. Property investment is a multi-step procedure. Several things need to be taken into consideration while making this major investment decision. One of the crucial steps in the process is the legal verification of property documents. This forms the basis for buying a genuine property and must be done with extreme caution as even a small mistake on your part can prove to be hazardous to your financial health. 

  1. A safe investment in property
  2. No fear of any hidden litigation or loan on the property.
  3. Peace of mind at the convenience of your home. 
  4. Transect with complete confidence

Property Report Process:

  1. Upoad/Email all the documents on our portal or it can be picked up from your address. 
  2. A detailed review of all the documents by a Senior property Lawyer.  (they may have to read  around 200-300 pages for an in-depth analysis)
  3. Verifying property details with the Government records. (As and when required). 
  4. Creating a continuity of the property paper trail and identifying missing papers if there are any.
  5. Creating a detailed verification report with senior property lawyer’s observation.

After the report is generated, you will get a dedicated time slot with the senior property lawyer who will clarify all your doubts and help you understand the report in detail. All this is just within 5 days. 

Service description:

  • Property paper's detailed analysis. 
  • Property title search from the Government records.
  • The expert will also do an extensive online search for the property
  • All the property documents will be matched with records
  • The expert will read all the papers to understand that if there are any financial liabilities or loans pending.
  • Get a detailed written legal report of your property
  • Documents in vernacular language will be acceptable.

(This price is for one house/flat/plot. For a bigger land parcel you may reach out to us for a customised price quote)

LegalKart - Property Details Landing
8999 15999 (45% OFF)
Inclusive of all taxes

Tentative delivery of property report on
6 days next date if order today Before 9:00 pm

LegalKart - Property Details Landing

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Frequently asked questions

I have so many documents. How will LegalKart collect the documents from me?

We have two options to collect the documents

  1. You can upload the documents after making a payment on the site.
  2. We can arrange a local pickup of the documents from your address.

What if I have partial documents right now?

We recommend you to buy the property report, book your time and share the

documents with us. While you can arrange your remaining documents; Lawyer will examine the available documents and the process will be faster as you share the remaining documents.

How long will it take to get a final Property Report?

    It normally takes 5 working days for the final report.

What if after I received the report, I had some follow up questions?

Your account with LegalKart will be credited with 60 min of consultation with every title search purchase. You can consume your consultation minutes as per your choice.

Is your service available in my city?

LegalKart has a presence in more than 850 cities in India. All all States and Major cities are covered. You can always call on 844 844 50 49 to check with us.

Can you let me know which are the key documents I should need for my property?

For every property there are so many documents that the list always remain tentative because it depends on the State, type of property, nature of property etc.but we can still have some key documents for our reference:

Khata certificate – This document is known by different names in different states and it provides proof that the property has an entry in the local municipal records.

Receipt of property tax – The receipts of property tax hold that the previous owner or occupier had paid all the taxes and none have been left as due. They also establish the legal status of the property and therefore serve as an important document of evidence.

Encumbrance certificate – An encumbrance certificate states that the property is free from all encumbrances or loans. It is a key document for procuring a loan against property from banks. It has all the details about transactions relating to the property.

Occupancy certificate –  Occupancy certificate or completion certificate is given by the municipal corporation after the construction of a building to establish that it was constructed according to a sanctioned plan and that it is ready to be occupied.

Statement from bank if loan outstanding – If any loan is outstanding on the property that is being purchased, it is safe to procure the statements relating to the loan so that there is full disclosure in that regard.

Non-objection certificates – It is important to ask the developer to produce copies of various NOCs that must be procured from various departments such as the Sewage Board, Pollution Board, Environment Department, Traffic and Coordination Department, etc. This forms the ‘intimation of disapproval’ for the construction of the building

Power of Attorney/s, if any – A Power of Attorney is required in original if any person is acting on the authorization of the owner of the property. It could be general or specific.

Sanctioned building plan by statutory authority – This is to ensure that the buyers are cautious about any deviations from the sanctioned plan made by the developer.

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With more than 35000 verified properties Legalkart offers most Reliable property legal service

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