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Online Property Tax Payment - Surat Municipal Corporation

Online Property Tax Payment - Surat Municipal Corporation

Every landowner is obligated to pay property taxes. Surat Municipal Corporation, often known as SMC Property Tax, is responsible for collecting the city's property tax. All real estate, including residential residences, commercial buildings, rental properties, and undeveloped land, is subject to taxation.


The Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC) offers all services online and in full transparency. Anyone from anywhere can pay their real estate tax online. It is now simple to pay your property taxes online or on a mobile device. Taxes on real estate equal a bill. Tenement numbers are solely necessary for your property and are printed on your property bill (Vpera Bill).


Every official year, Surat Municipal Corporation will grant a 10% and 7% property tax rebate to advance tax payers for the months of April and May, respectively, with the previous approval of the relevant authority.

Procedure to pay SMC Property Tax

A few mouse clicks on the SMC website will allow you pay your SMC property tax online with ease. All you need to do is adhere to the instructions below:

Step 1: To pay your SMC property tax online, go to the official Surat Municipal Corporation website (HERE).

Step 2: From the menu at the top of the page, choose "Online Services."

Step 3: To continue, choose "Pay Property Tax" from the drop-down menu that will appear.

Step 4: A new website will open and prompt you to enter your 14-digit tenement number and respond to a captcha question.

Step 5: To continue, click "Get Pending Tax Amount."

Step 6: Online credit/debit card or net banking payments for SMC property taxes are accepted.

Step 7: After successfully completing the SMC property tax online payment, save the receipt for further use.


You can examine your outstanding property tax obligations on the SMC portal once you enter your tenement number. A 14-digit identification number for your home is called a tenement number. It is noted on your receipt for offline property tax payment. Everyday from 11:30 PM to 12:00 AM, the SMC property tax online payment service is unavailable. It is shut down for maintenance at these times. As a result, you must pay your taxes in the appropriate manner.

SMC Property Tax Determining Factors

The Surat municipal corporation is responsible for collecting property taxes in the city. Every city has a property tax, but each city has a different tax rate. The following are the determining elements that affect how much property taxes vary.

  • Location of the property: Your property's location is important for figuring up your property taxes. You might have to pay a higher property tax if you reside in a fancy area. Tax rates are significantly lower in neighborhoods with lower housing costs.

  • Property type: Different forms of property, such as residential residences, commercial buildings, industrial plots, or undeveloped land, are taxed differently.

  • Age of the property: A newly built or recently renovated property may need you to pay more taxes. If the building is older, the tax burden is significantly lower. Surat's property taxes are based on how long it took to build the particular property, measured in years.

  • Usage person or entity: The taxes assessed on a property may vary depending on who or what is using it.

  • Area of the Property: Depending on the area of the property in Surat, there are various tax rates for residential and other properties.

Assessing SMC Property Tax

Surat has lower property taxes than other cities because of a strong recovery rate. Your SMC property tax can be calculated quite simply. A tool created specifically for that purpose is the SMC property tax calculator, which can be found on the Surat Municipal Corporation website. It aids citizens in determining their tax obligations. You can input these parameters and determine your tax liability because taxes differ depending on the location, size, or kind of property.

What Is Included in SMC Property Tax?

SMC Property Tax is made up of several segments. It consists of a general tax of at least 12%, a water tax, a conservancy fee for trash disposal, and betterment fees.

SMC Property Tax by Area

For residential and other properties, different taxes are imposed according to area. Residential properties are subject to an annual tax rate of Rs. 10 per square meter. Taxes are assessed on other properties at a rate of Rs 25 per square meter every year.

Tax on SMC Properties: Rebate and Penalties

Subject to previous approval by the appropriate authority, the Surat Municipal Corporation gives its advance tax payers a property tax rebate of 10% for each fiscal year and 7% for the months of April and May, respectively. This serves as a motivator for property owners to make on-time tax payments. Seniors are also eligible for an additional 10% general tax rebate.


A 15% tax credit is available on the property tax assessed on structures that do not have a private water supply provided by them or that are not connected via communication pipes to any municipal water works.


The property tax that is due on the cellar or any other floor of a non-residential structure, excluding the ground floor, is subject to a 20% tax credit.


If property owners don not pay their property taxes on time, they may be subject to a tax penalty. In addition to a 0.5% notification fee, a 6% warrant fee, and a 25% education cess, late payments are subject to an 18% interest rate.


Taxes must be paid on time for a citizen to be considered responsible. By doing so, one avoids paying additional fees for late payments and eventually benefits the city more as a whole. It is now simple to pay one's property taxes on time thanks to the SMC online site. Property tax payment is no longer a tedious and time-consuming process as it once was. With only a few clicks, you can visit the Surat Municipal Corporation's official website and pay your property tax.

How to pay TMC property tax online

How to pay TMC property tax online

Among the most well-known suburbs close to Mumbai is Thane. The Municipal Corporation of Thane has imposed a direct tax here, known as the TMC property tax, on both commercial and residential property. Municipal Corporation collects this tax once a year.


All cities levy the property tax, and Thane is no exception. TMC currently pays property taxes at a 38.67% rate. When determining TMC property tax, a few things need to be taken into mind:

  • Location of Property: You can be required to pay a higher TMC property tax if the home you own or rent is in a luxury neighbourhood as opposed to homes in more rural or cheap locations.

  • Carpet area in total property: Property taxes in Thane increase in proportion to the size of your property.

  • Lifetime of property: If your property is recently constructed, you will be responsible for a higher TMC property tax bill, while an older building will incur a lower property tax fee.

  • Types of property (Number of floors in property also matters): Thane sets the property tax rate based on the property's intended use. For residential, commercial, institutional, and industrial properties, there are several tax rates.

  • Market Value: It is yet another crucial element that impacts how much property tax is assessed. The government makes a decision about a location's market worth based on records and anticipated value.


The formula used to determine the property tax is as follows:

Property Tax = Tax rate x Total area or area of land x Type of property x Age factor x Usage of   property factor x Floor factor


Each zone in Thane has a different property tax rate, which is then multiplied by additional fees to determine the total tax rate.

Process for Online Payment of TMC Property Tax

TMC has begun taking electronic payments for home tax in order to make it simple for property owners.



The bill receipt for paying property taxes is crucial for keeping records. You can view the generated receipt after the payment has been completed. Choose the download button on the page to obtain the receipt. Your TMC property tax bill receipt will be provided.


No transaction fees are charged when paying TMC property taxes online with credit/debit cards or net banking.


Property tax payments made in advance are eligible for a 2-3% TMC refund.


Additionally, TMC just approved a resolution exempting properties up to 500 square feet from paying property taxes. The State Government has approved a 31% property tax exemption for such flats inside the borders of Thane Municipal Corporation in response to this resolution. The waiver is now in effect as of April 2022. It would cost the TMC Rs. 45 crores in revenue.


For some groups, such as property owners who are disabled, senior people or women, educational institutions, or members of the military, there are further property tax reductions available.

Last Date for TMC Tax Payment and Penalty

The final day to pay Thane property taxes is September 30th of each year. Any taxpayer who is unable to pay taxes by this deadline will be subject to a 2% penalty for each month that payment is postponed. The penalty will keep accruing until the full amount of the tax is paid by the taxpayer.


After September 30th, if a taxpayer cannot pay the tax within 90 days, interest will continue to accrue on the unpaid balance, and legal action may be initiated. TMC will deduct the recovery fees at the time of payment if you are paying the penalty for late tax payments. The unpaid balance won't be collected till after that. TMC has the authority to take a property in the event that someone is unable to pay their taxes for an extended length of time.

Details required to pay TMC property tax

Details required to pay TMC property tax are listed below:

  • Property owner’s name

  • Property type

  • Property area/zone

  • Property location details

  • Property ID

  • Property ward number


To conclude, in order to make things easier for property owners, TMC has started accepting electronic payments for property taxes. In addition to this, Property tax invoices for FY 2022–23 have been generated, and there are options for online and in-person payment at all ward office collection centers. If the entire tax bill is paid in full by the 15th of June 2022, all property owners will receive an additional 10% discount on their general tax for the second semester.

How to pay VVCMC property tax

How to pay VVCMC property tax

Residents can quickly pay property tax on the Vasai Virar City Municipal Corporation's (VVMC) website. Users can also utilize it to submit different kinds of service requests. Taxation applies to all immovable properties under Vasai Virar Municipal Corporation's (VVMC) control. The local government collects yearly property taxes from landowners in order to maintain public services. For convenience, it can be paid online through the VVMC official website.


The Vasai Virar Municipal Corporation is in charge of supplying water, drainage, and other improvements, as well as maintaining the neighborhood's cleanliness. The money obtained from property taxes is used to pay for all of the services that towns offer. If you do not pay your property taxes, the local organization may stop providing you with water or other services, and if necessary, it may even file a lawsuit to reclaim the debt. It is a substantial source of revenue for local government bodies. 

Factors That Affect the Amount of Property Tax

Property tax assessments made against a property by a local authority must be paid by the owner (such as municipalities). Property tax rates can vary significantly between municipalities and are influenced by a number of factors, such as:

  • The location of the property

  • The structure is finished or ready for habitation.

  • Dimensions of the Property

  • The owner's gender, female owners, may be entitled to discounts.

  • The owners age; senior citizens receive discounts.

  • Services provided by the local municipal authority in the region.

Can I estimate how much tax I must pay online?

You can use the online calculator for property taxes. To get a specific price, please provide the information below:

  • Real Estate Ward and Zone (where the property is located)

  • The area of the land that has been developed.

  • Hospitals, open land, mixed, industrial, residential, non-residential, or hotel are all examples of property types.

  • Construction technique (RCC, Simple or Shed).

  • The municipal corporation's standard rent for the ward and zone.

  • The possible rating value.

Can I Use VVMC to Pay the Vasai-Virar Property Tax?

  • Visit the official website of VVMC.

  • Locate and choose the choice for real estate taxes. You will be directed to another page.

  • Fill out the tabs with information about the property you intend to pay taxes on.

  • The owner, type, location, and ID of the property should all be disclosed.

  • The exact information about the tax amount will be displayed on the screen. Verify the provided information, then proceed to the payment gateway.

  • Pay the VVMC property tax by selecting a useful choice from the available options on the payment portal.

  • A payment receipt will appear on the screen. As a receipt for the taxes you have already paid, download and print it.

  • After the money has been received, a confirmation message will be sent to your telephone number, and the receipt will be sent to the email address you have on file. On the VVCMC website, zone, ward, and property numbers can also be submitted. After your property's information has been displayed, you can check the download receipt option.

Factors Affecting VVMC Property Tax

The property tax VVMC is influenced by a number of factors, such as:

  • This is determined by the ward and zone of the property.

  • The amount of build-up or carpeting on the property also influences the tax levied.

  • A separate tax may be imposed depending on the property's characteristics. Commercial structures pay more in taxes than residential homes. Open space, houses, hotels, mixed-use complexes, enterprises other than housing, and hospitals are just a few of the alternatives available.

  • RCC, a patra shed, or just a basic building are examples of construction types.

  • The rent has been approved by VVMC for the same ward.

  • The value of the property in terms of rates is decided. Here is the calculation:

  • The standard rent, in this instance, is equal to the area divided by twelve (12) less a standard 10% deduction.

Deadline for VVMC Property Tax Payment

Property tax payments must be made by December 31. For each month that the loan is not paid after this, a 2% fee will be applied.

Benefits of Paying Property Tax Online with VVMC

The advantages of Vasai Virar property tax payments made online for VVMC are:

  • Throughout the process, notice is given to the property owner and the municipal organization.

  • The trustworthy portal offers information on things like property tax, resolutions, and modifications.

  • Anyone with property information can pay taxes online to save hassles. You do not need to pay your taxes by going to the municipal headquarters and standing in line. Local property owners appreciate being able to pay their property taxes online through the VVMC.

  • Online transactions can be completed easily by selecting one of the many accepted payment options.

  • The ability to pay the VVMC property tax online will be available to everyone with access to personal information. You don't want to pay your taxes by going to the municipal building and waiting in line. For local property owners, the net VVMC property tax charge is a blessing.

How to Pay Tax in Person at Vasai Virar City Municipal Corporation's Main Office?

At one of the Vasai-Virar property tax collection centers, anyone who wants to can pay their property taxes. Visit the Vasai Virar City Municipal Corporation (VVCMC Head Office) at the Virar Police Station, located at (401) 305 Bazaar Street in the Virar East district of Maharashtra.

To conclude, if you are not up to date on the most recent events, property-related taxation and rules may prove to be a significant barrier. Government buildings, places of religion, and foreign embassies are typically exempt from paying property taxes. Clean land is also exempt from property taxes. Owners of property in Vasai Virar should contact the following numbers with any issues about the property tax: VVMC Helpline Contact Number: 8828137832, Contact information:, Operating hours: 10:00 am to 6:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

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