All-in-One LegalKart App

India’s First Practice Management mobile App for Legal Professionals


Practice Management

All your cases at one place

  • Stay organized and on top of your cases with LegalKarts cutting edge technology.

Auto Update

  • Add your case on LegalKart and get automatic case updates.
  • Get real time updatesfor your next date of hearing.

Synchronized Calendar

  • Plan your day to day activities, events and meetings.

Document Management

  • Retrieve and access all your case related documents anytime, anywhere.
  • Document storage on cloud for quick and easy access.

One Click Access

  • LK app provides unmatched convenience of one click access to clients, cases & invoices.

Client Experience

Informed Clients are happy clients

  • LegalKart is a simple, convenient location to share files, communicate, and collaborate with your clients.

Centralized client communication

  • The LegalKart app enables you to effortlessly send and receive messages from within the app, keeping clients up-to-date with less effort than a phone call.

Easy, instant file sharing

  • LegalKart enables lawyers, team members, and clients to easily upload and share case files, with no complicated steps ,enabling swift collaboration and clear communication.

Send invoices in a flash

  • With the LegalKartApp, you can send invoices directly to your clients, ensuring that nothing gets “lost in the mail” (or email). Clients are notified when they receive the invoice and can immediately access, review, and even pay online through the LegalKart app.

Client portal security

  • Be rest assured that all files, messaging, events and more stored in the LegalKart app are safe and secure. LeglKart employs best-in-class security technology and practices, which means you’ll never have to worry about anything falling into the wrong hands.

Safe & Secure

LK offers Bank Grade security to keep your critical client data

  • LK offers Bank Grade security to keep your critical client data, correspondences safe and confidential.

256 bit security certified

  • 256 bit security certified.

Reliable document sharing

  • Reliable document sharing, financial transactions and communications.

Team Management

Build Your Team

  • Add your team members and stay connected.

Assign Tasks

  • Assign tasks and track the progress.

Access control

  • Give customized access to team members on cases.

Track team expense

  • Track individual/ team expenses incurred on cases.

Team evaluation ,Live chat and greater engagement

  • Evaluate your team
  • Thorough communication and better control over assigned tasks

Financial Management

Track Expenses

  • Keep an accurate record of individual as well as team expenses.

One click Invoice

  • Generate invoices hassle-free.

Reliable Transaction

  • Safe and secure financial transactions.
  • View individual client statements.


Connect with Lawyers

  • Search and interact with lawyers across the country.

Build your network

  • Grow your practice by maintaining your unique LegalKart Profile.
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