Frequently Asked Questions

I am concerned about theprivacyofmy data; Is it safe on LegalKart?

You own your data, whether it’s your personal or case related documents, we’re committed to keeping it private. Our privacy policy clearly describes when we collect your information and the steps we take to protect it.LegalKart offers Bank Grade security to keep your critical client data, correspondences safe and confidential.Keep your financial transactions, communications & important document sharing safe and secured with our 256 bitencryption.

It Legalkart App customizable to be used for my specific needs?

LegalKart is a feature-rich software and has been built with a lot of research and feedback from lawyers across the country. Immense effort has been put to ensure that LegalKart has features that suit the needs for different practices. If you feel the need for a specific feature, please feel free to reach out to us at support@legalkart.com

How much time is needed to learn this software?

LegalKart is extremely easy to use and will not take much time. To help our lawyers, we maintain an extremely proactive support team, with options to call our helpline at 844-844-50-49. You can also email us- support@legalkart.com. In case you need further assistance, our support team will be happy to help you in person.

Where should I connect if I need any help?

Our customer support team is always ready to help you. You can contact the support team with any queries via email i.e support@legalkart.com or via phone to 844-844-50-49.

Can I try Legalkart?

Sure! Go ahead and experience the immense value Legalkart adds to your legal practice.

What about my team members? Can they also use same account for LegalKart?

No, one account can be used by one professional only but you can invite your team members to join LegalKart and can share cases with them, assign tasks to them. Every team member’s app will be an independent app in itself.

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